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Better Than A 4 Star Hotel!

My husband and I checked into Mercure Hotel (very near to Loft Residence) thinking that it was a good, affordable 4-star hotel. We couldn't have been more wrong!

The staff was not very friendly and the hotel was very old. The paint on the walls were flaking, the carpet had suspicious stains and the bed creaked even with little movement. I could list out more faulty things but I won't - it was a bad experience!

So after just one night, we decided to move to Loft Residence, which is just a minute away on foot. I couldn't imagine that a 3-star serviced apartment could be so much better than a 4-star hotel!

I was told that it was a new building. The room's condition was excellent. Very clean. The balcony was also a welcome change as most hotels here do not have a balcony. I just love it here!  

Thanks guys! We will surely be back next year!

Julie Taylor
Quebec, Canada